About Desi & Bilyana

Desislava Ivancheva

Desi has graduated from the New Bulgarian University earning a Master’s degree in "Public Administration". Formerly she received a high school diploma from the High school of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology "Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov" in Sofia with the specialty of technician in organic and inorganic chemistry.

In 2000, she started her own business being the owner of a transport company. She owns 2 buses and is member of the European Transport Association. Among her clients were the football teams AC Milan, CSKA, the Bulgarian national wrestling team, the delegations of the Italian president and prime minister during their visits to Bulgaria, and many others.

She is also business representative of a global international brand for professional hair cosmetics. Prior to becoming an independent mayor of the Mladost district, she owned a warehouse and a cosmetics store and supplied products for hairdressing salons.

She grew up and is currently resident of the Mladost district of Sofia city. She actively participated in the local citizens’ protests, became chair of the initiative committee “For Green Mladost” and took part in the collection of signatures for a referendum that requests moratorium on future construction in the Mladost district.

Bilyana Petrova

Bilyana graduated from the Sofia Mathematics High School with a gold medal. She holds Master’s degrees in international relations from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies in Romania and the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She has worked in marketing and advertising for leading Bulgarian companies for the production of cosmetic products.

Since 2004 he has been working on various projects of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aimed at enabling employment and assisting small and medium-sized enterprises.

From 2008 to 2016 she was involved in the implementation of more than 80 projects. She has written analyses and reports on behalf of Bulgaria for the European Commission, the European Parliament and for several Bulgarian ministries and agencies. For more than 4 years she has been the editor and editor-in-chief of the Swiss agricultural magazine “Agro & Pari” (“Agro & Money”).

She took on her new position of Deputy Mayor in 2016, declaring that "I decided to become Deputy Mayor of the Mladost district to join the cause for stopping the overdevelopment, for more green spaces and for better management of the city district where I grew up and where I raised my child".

Ivancheva and Petrova, together with their team, governed one and a half year before being publicly arrested and removed from office

The dissatisfaction with over-development, corruption and the so far management
of Sofia and the Mladost district by Boiko Borissov’s party and Sofia Mayor
Yordanka Fandakova caused serious civil unrest, numerous protests and led to the
incontestable victory of the independent civilian candidate for mayor of Mladost –
Dessislava Ivancheva, in the 2016 elections.

It is important to note that regional mayors of districts in Sofia have extremely
limited authority. They cannot issue building permits, cannot stop them and do not
have a stand-alone budget. Their main function is to inform citizens and organize
public discussions with them in connection with the decisions that Sofia
Municipality has ordered.

Despite the limitations and lack of political affiliation and “back”, for the time that
Mayor Ivancheva and Petrova were in office, they managed to activate the civil
society, to organize and participate in numerous media-, sports-, cultural and civic

They knew they were elected by the citizens and were guided only by the civil interest and will.

They negotiated with investors to relocate the most conflict-related buildings and negotiated the development of the neighborhood by renovation of schools and kindergartens, by building many playgrounds, alleys, fences and repair activities.

They organized the communities in condominium properties, donated them flowers, paints and materials for becoming better places to live, held trainings for their participation in European projects and programs. They managed to organize donations for the needy, books for Bulgarians abroad, and brought actions before the public about lobbyist legislative changes to the detriment of the green areas and parks in Sofia.

They investigated property frauds and suspicious building permits. They initiated
and participated actively in holding a referendum that requests moratorium on
future construction in the already overdeveloped residential neighborhood of
Mladost. The referendum was subsequently passed censure on by Sofia
Municipality and Boyko Borissov’s party, despite the over 20,000 signatures of the
residents of the neighborhood.

Part of scandalous discoveries of property frauds and irregularities covered by the media for a period of 1 year!

They organized and participated in the cleaning of the neighborhood parks, they met regularly with civil groups, politicians and public figures.

They gave hope to thousands of residents of Mladost that their opinion will be heard and their quality of life in the area not only will not be made worse but also, with common efforts, it will be improved.

In the most corrupt and poor country in the European Union, headed by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, the honest are beaten, defamed, repressed and removed from office.

A meme saying “You intend to stop construction and are investigating investors and offshore businesses? Come again?” In the picture are Dessislava Ivancheva and Bilyana Petrova, the Prime Minister of the ruling coalition Boyko Borissov, and the Deputy Prosecutor, who is referred to as the future Chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria, Ivan Geshev. Ivan Geshev is a prosecutor who has been favoured and popularized by the authorities, who also participated in the most scandalous unsolved cases such as the bankruptcy of one of the largest Bulgarian banks CCB, or the murder of a businessman who had scandalous telephone records of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and others.